Virtual Training Program Details:

Air Conditioning Boot Camp

  • Six Unique modules of online learning (More than just facts and theory, real applications you can use in the field the very next day)
    Downloadable & printable class handouts for each lesson for you to keep as a reference manual for the future.
    Refrigeration Analysis Worksheet to analyze air conditioner performance so you never have to rely on the rule of thumb again!

    Covered Material:

    Session One BTU Basics

    • Properties of Energy
    • No Such Thing as “Cold”
    • Properties of Refrigerants
    • P/T Relationship
    • Refrigeration Cycle

    Session Two  System Components

    • Compressors
    • Condensers
    • Metering Devices
    • Evaporators
    • Refrigerant Flow controls 

    Session Three:  Refrigerant Handling

    • Manifold Gauges
    • Pressure Testing
    • Recovery
    • Evacuation
    • Charging Techniques

    Session Four:  Superheat and Subcool

    • How to measure
    • Saturation Temperature
    • System Performance
    • Refrigerant Diagnostics 

    Session Five:  Electric Wiring and Controls

    • High Voltage Wiring
    • Wire Sizing
    • Low Voltage Wiring
    • Contactors and Controls
    • Basic Schematics

    Session Six:  Leak Detection and Repair

    • Soap Bubble Technique
    • Electronic Leak Detectors
    • Dye Systems
    • Repair Techniques
    • Chemical Sealants


    Air Conditioning Masterclass

    In this special three session advanced service online training course, Eric Shidell, the HVAC Service Mentor, will share with you the hard – earned secrets of a top air conditioning technician.  You will learn everything you need to develop that “magical” ability to quickly evaluate what is going wrong with any AC system.  PLUS: You get access to this course for 8 whole weeks!  This lets you review the material several times and apply the training in the field throughout the season.

    Learn How To:

    • Charge any split or packaged air conditioning system perfectly every time!
    • Interpret the pressure gauges the right way!
    • Find and eliminate chronic AC problems!
    • Perform advanced service and diagnostic techniques!
    • Prevent compressor failures before they start!
    • Identify difficult problems like:
      • Restricted Metering Device
      • System overcharge
      • System undercharge
      • Air Flow issues
      • Expansion valve problems
      • Compressor Floodback
      • Contaminated refrigerant
      • Bad compressor valves
    • Create a “magic window” into the heart of the system and look inside!
    • Never struggle with an AC service call again

      Gas Heating Boot Camp

      Six Unique modules of online learning with twelve weeks of 24/7 access
      Downloadable & printable class handouts for each lesson!
      Pre-formatted & detailed Tune-Up Checklist to download/print & use on all future tune up calls

                   Covered Material:

      Session One: Gas Heating Fundamentals

      • Properties of fuel gases
      • Combustion Theory 
      • Types of gas burners
      • Draft Systems

      Session Two: Gas Ignition Systems

      • Standing pilot systems
      • Intermittent pilot
      • Spark ignition systems
      • Direct ignition systems
      • Hot surface ignition

      Session Three: Low voltage wiring and controls

      • Transformers
      • Thermostats
      • Safety limits
      • Basic schematics
      • Sequence of operations

      Session Four: Airflow Basics

      • The role of airflow
      • Temperature rise
      • Duct system performance
      • Static pressure
      • Air filters

      Session Five: Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety

      • Using Co Meters
      • Gas sniffers
      • Effects of CO
      • Sources of CO
      • Corrective Action

      Session Six: Gas furnace tuneup procedures

      • Checkpoints
      • Tools & Equipment
      • How to
      • Checklists
      • Customer Relations

      Technician Acceleration Program

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