You Have Successfully Signed up for the AC Boot Camp Online Starting March 1, 2016

Each student will be eligible to receive 16 NATE CEH (Exam Required)

In order for participants to receive NATE CEH credits, there will be a test that needs to be taken after the last session within a week of completion with a passing grade (at least 70%) in order to have credit submitted to NATE. The test must be taken no later than Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 9:00 PM.

***Please submit the participant’s names and emails in the area below, so I can send them the login information to the program 48 hours before the program begins.

The participant will have their own unique login information specifically for them that will be sent to their email 48 hours before the first session begins. Each sign up will get login credentials for a single participant. Duplicate logins under the same name or logins that are not registered will be removed from sessions. Participants need to use their names given during sign up in order to have access to sessions. Handouts will also be available to download for the first session 48 hours prior to the first session.

For groups that will be logging in under one computer, please provide the name and email address for the supervisor of the group.