See what some of the participants in my training seminars have to say:

-Great Job! Enjoyed. –HVAC Technician

-Always Shares “Real World” tech tips learned through experience. That will make me a better tech! Thank You!

-Great Descriptions Eric! Good analogy with the garden hose. Great detail as well! Very good Instructor. Curt M. AMS

-I’ve been to several training classes through the years. Eric keeps it interesting and has excellent knowledge. In my opinion, he’s one of the best instructors. Sheen Thomas AMS

-This instructor is very “field” knowledgeable! Obvious he was a top tech who is also familiar with products of the trade. From phase monitors to vac pump oil and other products. Verrry Good!! Bob –Sales Associate & Technician-Charles D Jones

-Very good class. HVAC Technician

-Basically- Awesome!! Jacob Montoya-Vision Mechanical

-Good in-depth detail on everything that was talked about! Overall great presentation!

-I would encourage anyone I know who wants to learn more about refrigeration/air conditioning to attend these classes. HVAC Manager/Supervisor

-Now I’m gonna get fired for knowing more than the boss…..again. HVAC Technician

All the classes I’ve taken have improved me as a tech. Great Knowledge. Love how interactive these classes are.  HVAC Technician

Fantastic! I like the fact that I can apply everything I learned immediately. HVAC Technician

Very thorough coverage of the basics. Made me see a problem on some of my systems that I have overlooked. Manager/Supervisor

Class was great. HVAC Installer/Technician

Fantastic class. Eric Rocks! Knowledge you can apply today! Adrian Mendez