What if you could have access to the knowledge and experience of a true expert in the HVAC service trade?  Someone who has spent nearly two decades running calls, and working on every type of heating, cooling and hydronic system imaginable.  Someone who is the “end of the line” for HVAC service problems when no one else can figure out what is wrong.  Someone who knows what kinds of mistakes techs make that lead to callbacks and what to do about preventing them.

If you had the chance to sit and talk shop with an expert in the HVAC Service trade, what would you ask?  What could you learn?

I am Eric Shidell, the HVAC Service Mentor, and I am that kind of expert.  From 1997 to 2015, I was a top HVAC service technician running calls and getting things running when no one else could.  Not only that, but also mentoring and educating other technicians and molding them into experts in their own right.

A true HVAC nerd, I eat sleep and breathe HVAC systems.  I lived it for nearly twenty years.  In an attic on the hottest day of the year.  On the roof in the middle of a blizzard.   Covered in soot in the boiler room at 3AM.   I have learned the secrets of what it takes to be at the top of the service field.  I now spend all my time teaching these secrets to others, so they too may rise to the top.

As a leader in the service field, I am in a unique position to understand what it is that technicians need to know in order to be truly excellent.  I also know what it is that holds technicians back and prevents them from being truly excellent.  I call these things “knowledge gaps”.

Knowledge gaps are the parts of a technician’s training and knowledge base that are incomplete.  For example, most techs know “how” to replace an ignition control, but don’t actually understand what it is that determines whether or not the control is at fault (even if they think they do!)

The technicians I work with already have jobs in the trade.  They don’t need me to show them how to use wrenches, torches, or other tools.  They need help filling in their knowledge gaps so they are better able to decide where, when, why, and how much to use those tools.   Harnessing the communication power of the internet, I can share my considerable wealth of knowledge and experience with technicians from all over North America in a convenient easy to use format.

Some people prefer the in person experience.  For them, I still offer live training events around my home state of Colorado, and many private contractors invite me in to their shops to work with their service and install teams directly.  But I can’t be everywhere.  Offering internet based training programs allows me to help a much larger group of people in a much larger way.

You would be surprised how much you can learn from a veteran field tech through the internet.  My students are able to experience a dramatic shift in their understanding which allows them to be more productive, more profitable, and more accurate.

In the words of a recent internet student, “I think what you’re doing with these mini seminars is incredible and I think there needs to be more of it!  It’s one thing to take full time extensive training course but when one can hold a full time job and custom build a knowledge base specific to them; it proves to be an incredible resource.”

A service manager of an HVAC contracting firm who is a 22 year veteran himself, had this to say after completing a recent HVAC Service Mentor online course with his team:  “The knowledge presented by the HVAC mentor gives a basic technician not only the confidence to perform his work but actual understanding of the refrigeration process and all of its components. I would say with the knowledge presented, that it would save it technician a minimum of two years of experience and increase the ability for a technician and company to increase its profits while taking care of customers. It is phenomenal to have such a resource that is an experienced, qualified, working instructor.”