18 Unique modules (over 42 hours of video training instruction) of learning with 24/7 online access for AN ENTIRE YEAR (A $16,200 value!)
Follow up quizzes for each module to ensure you have absorbed the lessons. (A $1,350 value!)
Printable class handouts for each lesson! (A $900 value!)
Truck stock parts lists to go with the hands on portions of the lessons! (A $25 value!)
Live Q and A calls with Eric each month to help keep you on track and answer any questions
(A $1,548 value!)


Module 1: Hydronics Basics
Module 2: Types of Boilers
Module 3: Emitters
Module 4: Distribution Systems
Module 5: Fill Systems
Module 6: Expansion Systems
Module 7: Valves & Flow Control
Module 8: Circulator Pumps
Module 9: Controls & Wiring
Module 10: Sequence of Operation
Module 11: Zoning Systems
Module 12: Water Heating
Module 13: Radiant Heating
Module 14: Special Piping Systems
Module 15: Service & Repair
Module 16: Piping Techniques
Module 17: Fuel Gas & CO Safety
Module 18: Intro to Mod/Cons





This Entire program, with over forty two hours of training with quizzes to track your progress and access for an entire year is valued at $20,023 for the special price of only $1,497 per person.

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