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18 Unique modules (over 42 hours of video training instruction) of learning with 24/7 online access for AN ENTIRE YEAR (A $16,200 value!)
Follow up quizzes for each module to ensure you have absorbed the lessons. (A $1,350 value!)
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Module 1: Hydronics Basics
Module 2: Types of Boilers
Module 3: Emitters
Module 4: Distribution Systems
Module 5: Fill Systems
Module 6: Expansion Systems
Module 7: Valves & Flow Control
Module 8: Circulator Pumps
Module 9: Controls & Wiring
Module 10: Sequence of Operation
Module 11: Zoning Systems
Module 12: Water Heating
Module 13: Radiant Heating
Module 14: Special Piping Systems
Module 15: Service & Repair
Module 16: Piping Techniques
Module 17: Fuel Gas & CO Safety
Module 18: Intro to Mod/Cons





This Entire program, with over forty two hours of training with quizzes to track your progress and access for an entire year is valued at $20,023 for the special price of only $1,497 per person.

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Air Conditioning Masterclass

Discover the most powerful diagnostic techniques in the air conditioning business

Improve your team’s knowledge and skills on Air Conditioning systems without losing time in the field!

In this special three session recorded advanced service online training course, Eric Shidell, the HVAC Service Mentor, will share with you the hard – earned secrets of a top air conditioning technician.  You will learn everything you need to develop that “magical” ability to quickly evaluate what is going wrong with any AC system.  PLUS: You get access to this course for an entire year!  This lets you review the material several times and apply the training in the field throughout the season.

This training course is distributed one session in the first week with the remaining two sessions available in week two. 

• -9 NATE Continuing Education Hours Offered For Applicable Specialty (Quizzes Required)

Learn How To:

  • Charge any split or packaged air conditioning system perfectly every time!
  • Interpret the pressure gauges the right way!
  • Find and eliminate chronic AC problems!
  • Perform advanced service and diagnostic techniques!
  • Prevent compressor failures before they start!
  • Identify difficult problems like:
    • Restricted Metering Device
    • System overcharge
    • System undercharge
    • Air Flow issues
    • Expansion valve problems
    • Compressor Floodback
    • Contaminated refrigerant
    • Bad compressor valves
  • Create a “magic window” into the heart of the system and look inside!
  • Never struggle with an AC service call again

Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident the AC Masterclass will exceed your expectations that I am offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason after viewing the entire first session, I will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved! *refund request must be made within seven days of purchase to receive this refund. You will lose access to all training materials and will not receive any future lessons once refund request is accepted.

This incredible three session online training experience, with 24/7 access for an entire year is available at the special price of only


When you click the button above, you will be redirected to our membership site. This will allow you to create your login credentials and give you access to the first video of class content for week one.

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When you click the button above, you will be redirected to our membership site. This will allow you to create your login credentials and give you access to the first video of class content for week one.

Attention!!! This course is for qualified HVAC technicians only!  Homeowners and DIYers will not be admitted!

How it works:

Air Conditioning Masterclass Online is a pre recorded online training course.  There will be three training sessions each lasting about 2.50 hours.   

Students will be able to access the recordings at any time during the duration of the course and as many times as they wish.  

Lesson one will be made available immediately upon registration. The remaining two lessons will be made available a week after sign up.

A .pdf handout booklet of course materials will be available for download for each class.  Most class sessions will have homework.  

Each individual student must be enrolled and paid for separately.  Each student will receive a unique access code to attend each session.  Access codes may not be shared.  If you are enrolling multiple students, or a single student who is not yourself, you must provide the first name, last name, and email address of the participant(s).  All course correspondence will be directed to the participant(s).

Class sessions will remain available to enrolled students for an entire year after the start of the course.  Due to the advanced nature of this course, it is recommended that students review the material several times before the conclusion and practice the exercises in the field. 

It is assumed that by enrolling in this course, that students are already employed in a role involving air conditioning work and are ready to move into a role requiring greater skill and knowledge.  Apprentices, Install helpers, Maintenance technicians, and service technicians who are want to uplevel their careers are excellent candidates for this accelerated learning course.  This course is not meant for homeowners or building owners who want to “DIY”.  Nor is it meant as pre occupational training.  This class is intended as supplemental training for HVAC professionals who are already in the trade.

Students must have access to a stable internet service with enough bandwidth and speed to download and receive streaming video.  Desktop and laptop style computers are recommended, but tablets and mobile devices can also be used. Recording of material is not allowed. Anyone who is found to be recording the material for use beyond membership will be removed from the membership and will not receive a refund.

9 Hours of NATE Continuing Education Credits are available for technicians with a AC or Heat Pump specialty.  In order to receive credit or a certificate of completion, techs must pass the quizzes with a 70% score or greater.

Great technicians don’t just happen, they must be trained.

When you click the button above, you will be redirected to our membership site. This will allow you to create your login credentials and give you access to the first video of class content for week one.

-Eric Shidell

HVAC Service Mentor