Boiler Basic Training

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A Complete Primer Into The World Of Hydronics For The HVAC Service Technician!

Do you ever have to turn away customers because you don’t have enough qualified boiler technicians? Do you waste time and money dispatching to a call only to turn away because it turns out to be a boiler system? Finally, there is a way to improve your team’s knowledge and skills in the boiler room! 
This exclusive HVAC Service Mentor Self study Online Boiler Basic Training Course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently service hot water boiler systems. Stop turning away paying customers and start saying yes to a lucrative new service specialty!

 This is a complete self study course that will teach the HVAC and plumbing technician everything you need to know to start working with hydronics and boilers.

What you’ll Get:

18 Unique modules (over 42 hours of video training instruction) of learning with 24/7 online access for AN ENTIRE YEAR (A $7020 value!)
Follow up quizzes for each module to ensure you have absorbed the lessons. (A $1,350 value!)
Printable class handouts for each lesson! (A $900 value!)
Truck stock parts lists to go with the hands on portions of the lessons! (A $25 value!)
I am so confident the Boiler Basic Training Program will exceed your expectations that I am offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason after viewing the entire first and second modules, I will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved!

*refund request must be made within first week of signing up for program. You will lose access to all training materials and will not receive any future lessons once refund request is accepted.


This Entire program, with over forty two hours of training with quizzes to track your progress and access for an entire year is valued at $9,295 for the special price of only $1,497 per person.

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Module 1: Hydronics Basics
Module 2: Types of Boilers
Module 3: Emitters
Module 4: Distribution Systems
Module 5: Fill Systems
Module 6: Expansion Systems
Module 7: Valves & Flow Control
Module 8: Circulator Pumps
Module 9: Controls & Wiring
Module 10: Sequence of Operation
Module 11: Zoning Systems
Module 12: Water Heating
Module 13: Radiant Heating
Module 14: Special Piping Systems
Module 15: Service & Repair
Module 16: Piping Techniques
Module 17: Fuel Gas & CO Safety
Module 18: Intro to Mod/Cons

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Eric Shidell HVAC Service Mentor Instructor

How it works:  

Boiler Basic Training is a pre-recorded self study training program designed to help existing professional HVAC technicians and facility maintenance technicians improve their knowledge and skill when working with boilers and hydronic systems.  

This is not pre-occupational training.  It is assumed that all persons engaging in this program are already employed in the HVAC/R trade.  Homeowners and other “DIY” persons will not be admitted into the program.

Each student will receive unique login credentials to access the program. Students will receive access to the first and second modules upon sign up.  A week later access to the other sixteen modules will be made available. Login credentials may not be shared or used by any individual other than the enrolled student to whom the credentials were issued.  Students who are sharing login credentials with others who are not enrolled in the program will be permanently removed from the program with no possibility of a refund. Recording of material is not allowed. Anyone who is found to be recording the material for use beyond membership will be removed from the membership and will not receive a refund.

Each module will contain between one and five individual lessons.  Each lesson will be approximately 20 to 45 minutes in length.  Some lessons and modules will have homework assignments.  Each module will conclude with a brief exam.  Students will have a year to complete the course. If a student leaves your company within the first month of the program, you may assign the spot another employee. Transfer of student access will only be permitted within the first month of the program. After that time students may not be switched out.

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